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Eco Resort - Jamahkiri Boutique Resort & Spa • Koh Tao
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Eco Resort

Koh Tao is a small and isolated island with very limited government services. This has made the running of a luxury resort and spa an especially challenging undertaking. Rising to this task we have developed several systems to ensure our guests of an exclusive and luxurious stay at Jamahkiri.

We also focus on nature, and doing all our possible to minimise impacts on the environment, we have ecological compatible infrastructures, Eco-conscience, we contribute for sustainable development.

-Regularly organise sea front and road clean up.

-Selective sorting for recycling is also our priority since many years.

-Reuse paper for drafts and faxes is applied by all departments.

-On site use of  “BioTech” Septic tanks, the effluent at the end of the filtration process is reused for the garden.

-Operating a Desalination plant that allows us not to use the groundwater resources, which are very limited on Koh Tao, and to  provide bacterial free water in all our Rooms and Pavilions for staff and guests.

-Using heat pump in the hotel wing to provide hot water in all the deluxe rooms, reducing considerably electricity consumption.

-Using Solar energy panels for hot water in every Pavilion, Spa and the Kitchen.

-We use energy saving bulbs and led lights in most areas.

-Energy saving switches are placed in every guest rooms.

And much more.

We make global efforts for our future generations, so that everyone may live in a green world.

  valid for stay: between now and 14 December 2016, for new booking only.  
  Plus, amazing benefits.
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